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Berger was established two centuries ago and now it has grown to become one of the world’s largest paints manufacturer. In Pakistan, history of Berger is as old as history of Pakistan. Berger started its operations in Pakistan in 1950 and was the first organized Paint Company to offer premium products through import from the United Kingdom.

BERGER PAINTS PAKISTAN LTD. became a public limited company in 1974, when 49.38% of its shares were acquired by Pakistani investors, while the remaining 50.62% were held by U.K. parent company, Jenson & Nicholson Limited. In 1991 Slotrapid Limited, a U.K. based company with diversified business interests, acquiring control of Berger Paints Pakistan Limited by gaining 50.62% shares of the company.

Berger established its first local manufacturing facility in Karachi in 1955. As the country’s economic and industrial sector expanded the demand for quality paints also grew and Berger continued to make extensions in its product range to meet these requirements.

In 2006, Berger established state of the art manufacturing facility in Lahore. This plant has provided Berger an edge over its competition through enhanced production. It has enabled Berger to meet the growing demands of its valued customers across Pakistan. Berger Paints Head office is located in Lahore.

Consistent quality has always been Berger’s trait. This has been the driving force in making it the leading brand name backed by premium quality across Pakistan. Berger has the most comprehensive product range for various paint market segments at different price points. Berger has earned the admiration and trust of customers by virtue of its superior technology, product quality and a very high level of customized services.

Berger has entered into a number of technical collaboration arrangements with leading international manufacturers. These include the largest paint company in Japan, which enables Berger to develop Automotive, Vehicle Refinishes and Industrial Paints conforming to international standards; a Japanese chemical company, for Bumper Paints; PCS Powders, UK for Powder Coatings; DPI Sendirian Berhad, Malaysia for Road & Runway Markings; Cerachem for Construction Chemicals and Asian Paints for Decorative Paints. Recently, Berger acquired distribution rights of DuPont for Pakistan’s vehicle refinish paint segment.

Berger is also operating Resin manufacturing facility at its Lahore factory. The resin plant has high production capacity and has enabled Berger to meet its entire resin needs for the manufacturing of a wide range of quality paints. Berger was the first paint company in Pakistan to set up its own resin production facility.

The company has regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Territorial Offices in Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Hyderabad. A large team of sales personnel and a wide network of dealers and distributors serve customers in all urban centers across the country.