NU Prime Seal:


Berger NU PrimeSeal is formulated to resist alkali and moisture present in the new plaster surfaces. It forms a tough and flexible film which prevents passage of moisture from the substrate through the paint film. Before the application of Berger NU prime seal, it is essential that the surface to be painted should be dry and free from grease and dust. It is for interior use only.


 NU PrimeSeal has been designed for use on cement render concrete, lime plaster, asbestos cement sheets and all other surfaces which require sealing against moisture or alkaline substrate.

Surface Preparation:

NU PrimeSeal can be applied by thinning (1:1) with water by volume for brush application (depend on surface absorbency). For better results apply two coats of NU PrimeSeal. 

For previously painted old surfaces, remove all defective or poorly adhering material by rubbing with a suitable abrasive paper or stiff brush.

To smoothen the surface, Berger Wall Putty can be applied after the application of NU PrimeSeal.

Drying Time:

NU PrimeSeal dries within an hour and can be recoated after 2-3 hours.


It covers 12-14 m2 per litre per coat (depends upon the absorbency of the surface).


It is available in 3.64 and 14.56 litres pack size.

Safety Precaution:

The container should be protected from extreme hot or cold temperature. It should be properly closed and kept in an upright position after use. In case of contact with eyes rinse with water and seek medical advice.