Marbleized Finish


Berger Marbleized Finish is high quality water-based paint, suitable to create marble effects on interior surfaces. This gives antique finish effect with different look.


Berger Marbleized Finish is especially designed for interior decoration. It is recommended for interior designs for hotels, restaurants, villas, museums, mosques, galleries, lobbies, etc.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, free from dust and dirt. For repaint, surfaces should be prepared by applying Berger Water Based Primer on previously painted surfaces. Then apply Berger Plastic Emulsion with the desired color. Apply Berger Marbleized Finish as a topcoat with spatula and trowel. Berger Marbleized Finish must be well mixed before use. For new paint, follow painting system below.

Typical Painting System

Cement Plaster Surfaces/ Concrete/ Gypsum/ MDF or Plywood Berger Water Based Primer        1 coat
Berger Wall Putty  2 coats
Berger Elegance Emulsion/ Berger VIP Plastic Emulsion   2 coats
Berger Robbialac Marbleized Finish      3-4 coats

Drying Time

Berger Robbialac Marbleized Finish dries in 2-3 hours depending upon the ambient temperature.


It covers 2-4 meter square per liter per coat, depending upon porosity of the surface.


It is available in 1 litre and 4 litres pack sizes.

Safety Precautions

The paint should be protected from extreme hot and cold temperatures. The container should be properly closed and kept in upright position after use.