Allrounder Matt Enamel


Allrounder is a high quality matt finish enamel for walls, ceilings, old and new cement plasters, woodwork, metals, chipboard and hardboard. It is tough and long-lasting and is specially recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and staircase walls, etc.

Its flat finish gives a hard wearing and non-glaring effect. It has stain-resistant properties and is easily washable.


It can be applied with brush, roller or spray. It may be thinned up to 10% by using quality mineral turpentine (white spirit.) Final coat may be thinned further slightly to get an improved smooth appearance.


13 to 15 meter square per litre per coat depending on the porosity of surface.


It is available in 0.91, 3.64 & 14.56 litres.

Shade Card

Allrounder Matt Enamel