Road Marking Paint Application Services

Berger, known for its pioneering role in introducing various new concepts in paint Industry, has again turned out to be the first in Pakistan to introduce the concept of manufacturing and application of road marking products through a single source.
Berger Road Safety provides Its valued customers with a complete range of road marking materials of highest qua lity a long with application services of International standards, thus providing a total solution under one roof.
A variety of machines and equipment is employed for the application of road marking products. For thermoplastic material, pre-heaters are used for melting and keeping the temperature of the product at a constant level. Application of marking is done by screed method, using latest walk behind self-propelled and hand pushed machines. These machines provide thermoplastic film of uniform thickness, which can be adjusted according to the specified requirement. Use of modern application machines increases pace of work, thus marking Is applied In much less time allowing smooth now of traffic. In fact, on busy roads, traffic can be opened within 15 minutes.
Our state-of-the-art airless mobile spray machines are used for liquid road marking products. These machines provide neat and fast marking of traffic lanes.
All of our application work is conducted by trained applicators, supervised by qualified field supervisors.
At every stage of application, quality assurance methods are employed to provide consistent and durable road markings. Moreover, safety at work is ensured at all times.