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Apexior No. 3 is an anti-corrosive coating for external surfaces of boilers, condensers, chimneys, etc.


Apexior No. 3 can be used on boiler drums, tubes, water walls, economisers, evaporators, steam accumulators, calorifiers, steam turbine casings, and water softners in contact with water above 93˚C (200˚F) minimum.


All loose millscale and rust should be removed. Blast cleaning to 2nd Quality BS 4232 is recommended. If blast cleaning is not practical, make full use of mechanical tools along with hand wire-brushing to remove all loose rust and millscale back to a firm edge. Excessive burnishing of steel should be avoided. Remove all other contaminants, oil, grease, etc., by use of a solvent. The surface should be clean and dry before coating. Galvanised metal should be degreased thoroughly before coating with suitable solvent.


Normally, no separate primer is necessary. If, however, blast cleaning is carried out then holding primer of Epilux 66 Primer to 25 microns must be applied. For the finishing coat, apply 3 coats of Apexior No. 3, either with brush or roller. It is advisable to allow 24 hours between coats and a minimum of 24 hours after complete application to allow system to harden. Adequate ventilation must be provided at all times.

Drying Time

Apexior No. 3 dries in 3 to 4 hours. Overcoating should be done after 24 hours. After the last coat, allow drying-time of 24 hours to permit system to harden.


Apexior No. 3 covers 9 to 12 meter square per litre at 38 microns DFT depending on surface roughness.


Apexior No. 3 is available in 5 litre packs.