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Berger 9th Interdepartmental Cricket Tournament

Berger Paints Pakistan Limited organizes “Berger Interdepartmental Cricket Tournament” every year in which Berger Employees participate enthusiastically. This year’s Berger 9th Interdepartmental Cricket Tournament was held on 7th December, 2013, at Model Town Whites Cricket Club, Lahore.

It was a one day event in which all the departments of Berger battled against one another in several matches. Each team was allotted a color and T-shirts were made for each team with their team colors. Boundary banners were placed all around the ground. Moreover, event was covered by Media. All the Berger Employees came to cheer and support their teams.

Six league matches were played between these teams. Winners of these matches played the Quarter Finals against one another. Technical Department and MIS/Supplychain/Purchase Department battled in the finals. MIS/Supplychain/Purchase Department won the final after a tough and exciting match and became the champions of the BERGER 9th Interdepartmental Cricket Tournament.

Prize distribution ceremony was held in the evening in which the Winner and the Runner up teams were awarded with trophies, along with the man of the match from all the matches, best bowler, best batsman and best player of the tournament were also given trophies.