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Berger Paints Architect Dinner

Berger Paints recently held a successful architect dinner on February 1st, 2023 at Royal Swiss in Lahore. The event, titled “Paint with a Purpose,” showcased Berger’s commitment to the environment and their role in shaping it. The theme emphasized the company’s dedication to preserving the environment as a paint manufacturer.

The event was attended by numerous famous and well-renowned architects, who were eager to participate in the “Green Pledge Wall”. This wall was a platform for architects to make a commitment towards green architecture and the environment, and their pledges were recorded in the form of photographs and video messages.


The evening was hosted by Mr. Usman Adeel, Head of Int’l Sales & Strategic Collaborations, who welcomed the guests and introduced the theme of the event. Mr. Zafar Qidwai, COO of Berger, spoke about the company’s various initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and the importance of their collaboration with the architect fraternity.

Ms. Maria Aslam from ADA Awards also spoke at the event, highlighting the close association that Berger has developed with ADA and the architect community. She considered the architect dinner as a prelude to the upcoming ADA Awards, in which Berger Paints is the main sponsor.

After the dinner, the musical evening was the main highlight and was greatly enjoyed by the architects. Mr. Kashif Ali Babar, a singer, led the architects in a karaoke session, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

The architects who attended the event appreciated Berger’s initiative in gathering the architect community and expressed their support for the company’s efforts to preserve the environment.

This event emphasized the close relationship between Berger and the architectural community. The evening was filled with meaningful interactions, recognition, and a shared commitment to a greener future. The successful event showcased the power of color and Berger’s dedication to environmental preservation.