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Berger Winner Sales Conference, Pattaya, Thailand- 2016

Berger Paints Pakistan took its winners of the sales team from all the business lines and support staff to Pattaya for Berger Winner Sales Conference from 4th to 7th February,2016. This conference was organized to discuss and appreciate the performance of the sales team for the period June to December and to provide the plan to achieve the target for the next 6 months. On the first day of the conference, the Heads of the support staff gave presentations on the last six months and next six months performance of the fiscal year of their departments.

On the next day, separate sessions were held to discuss individual performances of the sales team in front of their Business Heads. In the second half of the conference, a combined session was held in which Allied, Non Retail and Retail Gm’s gave presentations on the summary of the discussions in the first half. Marketing Presentation was also given during this time. Also success stories were told by the representatives of the businesses.

Retail business took away the trophy for the Winner of the Success Story. Moreover, Best Sales Person Award was given on the regional and national bases to the highest achievers of the 3 business lines. The conference ended with the ending note by the MD. 3rd day at Pattaya was filled with fun filled activities like visit to the coral Island and Alkazar show. The sales team came back to the home country happy and fully motivated to accomplish their targets for the next six months.