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PCL (Pakistan Corporate League) 5th edition T20 Cup 2022

Berger has participated in PCL (Pakistan Corporate League) 5th edition T20 Cup started from 15th Sep 2022 till 3rd Dec 2022. Berger secured runner-up position in this tournament 14 well-known corporate sector Company teams participated in this tournament are; Group A Group B Berger secure top position in its pool and qualify for Grand Final …

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Karachi Zoological Garden

Karachi management intended to restore its’ Zoo. Provincial government and Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif Ur Rehman have been asked to complete the rehabilitation and improvement work under the Annual Developmental Program (ADP) before June 30. For that purpose, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has decided to decorate the walls of the zoo with animal pictures.

I am Karachi

This time Berger has made a big leap forward and collaborated with I AM KARACHI (NGO) to beautify and restore the image of Karachi and to bring back life in the society.