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Childhood is all about fun and excitement and it is important that kids’ rooms reflect that. Use bright, bold colors to create a lively atmosphere but also mix in softer shades so the kids not only feel energized during the day but also relaxed enough to sleep at night. Mix vivid shades offset by tasteful pastels and play around with different combinations so your child’s personality shines through.


Teenagers can be notoriously moody and their bedroom is their most favorite place in the world, so they’d have strong ideas about how they want it to look like. Making them an integral part of the process, color their room according to their input and personality. A combination of bold and sober shades would be ideal as it would represent both sides of a teen’s personality, the fun-loving and the serious.


The personality of both individuals should shine through in a couple’s bedrooms. While both may have different color ideas, it is important to reach a consensus that not only satisfies both but also adds to the room’s overall look and atmosphere. Generally, rich, soothing colors are a good choice for a couple’s bedroom, but go ahead and play with different shades for a little spice and excitement, like a somber deep red or pleasant tan. But keep in mind that light shades make the room look more spacious while deep shades all around make it look smaller.


In old age, the biggest desire and need is for peace and tranquility. So go for crisp, neutral colors that are neither overbearing nor too dull, to create a light, calm atmosphere. Shades of white, beige, fawn etc. are good choices for a senior person’s room, as they reflect light better and make the room feel airy, promoting an overall impression of serenity. But don’t be afraid to experiment and throw in a bit of bright blues or greens for that much-needed dash of cheer.