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Berger is active in most facets of the construction industry and operates sales, warehousing and manufacturing facilities all over the country, thereby providing local markets with a prompt and informed customer service.

Berger has established a nationwide reputation for innovative construction technology based on extensive research and development together with experienced practical advice. We offer a broad range of high-quality, intelligent and tailor-made products and system to meet customer’s needs, improving the quality, safety, efficiency, economy, design and durability of construction. The product range of BERGER comprises of products for almost every conceivable high performance chemical requirement of the building.

The company has earned wide acclaim for its high performance Epoxy Floorings and Chemical Waterproofing products. BERGER products are manufactured under stringent quality control using ingredients sourced indigenously as well as imported.

The staggering array of products includes Concrete Admixtures, Waterproofing treatments, Epoxy Flooring, Floor Hardeners, and Sealants.

Construction Chemical Products

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