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Berger Elegance Longlife Enamel is a high quality and extremely durable enamel for interior and exterior surfaces and provides excellent color and gloss retention. It is highly recommended for application in coastal areas, where it gives excellent protection to concrete and steel structures.


Berger Elegance Longlife Enamel can be applied with brush, spray or roller. To obtain desired viscosity, thin with mineral turpentine with a mixing ratio of 10%. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from rust and grease. (For best performance, Berger’s T-66 Thinner is recommended for thinning of this product)


Berger Elegance Longlife Enamel covers 13 to 15 meter square per litre per coat.


Berger Elegance Longlife Enamel is available in 0.91, 3.64 lires pack sizes.