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I am Karachi

This time Berger has made a big leap forward and collaborated with I AM KARACHI (NGO) to beautify and restore the image of Karachi and to bring back life in the society.

International Public Art Festival (IPAF) presents the biggest public art mural of Pakistan by Italian muralist Giuseppe Percivati. He is a professional street artist, whose work is recognized all across the world, and who is also known for his larger than life murals.

GSA building restoration project in Keamari was initiated by IAK, on which Italian artist made a Mural. Theme was a fusion of Pakistani and Italian culture. The facade of GSA building is around 2300 sq. feet which was completed in a span of 2 weeks. The project is a collaboration of the Consulate General of Italy, Karachi Port Trust, I AM KARACHI, GSA House and Berger Paints Pakistan. Giuseppe Percivati, cleaned the whole building all by himself, to prepare it for final mural. He, single handedly, white washed the building and created the marvelous mural on GSA building, in just 9 Days. GSA building, which was neglected before, is now a piece of art created by the Italian artist. Berger is proud to be part of such a huge project which is acknowledged both; nationally, and internationally.

Links of the interviews and press releases are given below: