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Karachi Zoological Garden

Karachi management intended to restore its’ Zoo. Provincial government and Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif Ur Rehman have been asked to complete the rehabilitation and improvement work under the Annual Developmental Program (ADP) before June 30. For that purpose, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has decided to decorate the walls of the zoo with animal pictures.

Berger Paints again instigated the movement and decided to undertake this project. Berger Paints joined hands with KMC to effectuate the beautification of Karachi city. For this project, Karachi Zoological Garden’s outer walls, with total area of 20,000 sq. feet (approximately 157 wall panels), were brought to life by painting wildlife murals on them. Wall painting project, at a massive scale, was completed by Berger Paints in order to add beauty to barren cemented walls to make the public space more lively and interactive for the resident.

Commission Karachi was very impressed by the work done by Berger Paints and said that colorful pictures of wildlife murals painted on the outer walls of the Karachi Zoo adds to the amusement of visitors, especially children, and gives a high spirited look.

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