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The PROTECTON Division of Berger makes heavy-duty Protective Coatings and Anti-Corrosive Paints for specialized structures such as barrages, dams, industrial structures, pipelines, boilers, which are exposed to hostile environmental elements.

Protective Coatings serve a dual purpose of protecting surfaces from chemical reactions as well as improving visual appeal. These protective paints conform to international standards of quality and are designed to resist the severity of extreme environmental as well as corrosive effects of the atmosphere and other decaying agents. They have excellent resisting properties against chemicals, marine environment, oil spillage, and fresh and saltwater. These coatings can be applied to concrete, cement renders, asbestos sheeting, steel/concrete pipelines, harbors, oil refineries, dams, barrages, chemical plants, battery rooms, etc., and shore installations with good durability.

Protective Coating Products

Epoxy Flooring

  • Industrial Air Dying Synthetic Enamels
  • Synthetic Camouflage Enamels
  • Epoxies
  • Stoving Varnish
  • Air drying Varnish