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Road Safety

The motto of Berger Road Safety business is ”Leading the Way to a Safe Journey’.

Berger Pioneered the concept of single source manufacturing and application of road marking products in Pakistan. The advanced Cataphos hot-melt Thermoplastic (TP) paint is manufactured in Pakistan as per BS 3262 specifications. A full range of other road marking products, including Chlorinated Rubber (CR) paint and Water Based (WB) paint, are also manufactured to match various application standards.

In addition to road marking paints, Berger Road Safety offers a complete range of other road safety products such as traffic signs, cat eyes/studs, guardrails, delineators, and barriers, etc. that meet high-quality standards.

All Application services are provided through our trained application teams that are supervised by qualified field supervisors.

Road Safety Products

  • Cataphos thermoplastic road marking paint
  • Cataphos chlorinated rubber road marking paint
  • Cataphos water based road/runway marking paint
  • Allied products
  • Road marking paint application services
  • Cateyes/road studs
  • Traffic sign boards