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Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint is compounded from plasticised, chlorinated rubber and specially selected pigments. It is far more impermeable to water and water vapours than any oil or varnish-based paint. Therefore, it makes metal surfaces corrosion resistant.


Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint is suitable for application to most buildings and structural materials such as iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, wood, concrete, plaster and brick. It should be used to protect such surfaces whenever they are exposed to the following conditions: Steam, constant high humidity and condensation, acid or salt-laden atmospheres, alkaline vapours or spillage of aqueous chemical solutions in a wide variety of bleaching and oxidising agents.


Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint should be applied with a fully-loaded brush and care should be taken not to repeatedly cross brush the work. Spray application is recommended for subsequent coats. Spray application should be done after thinning with special Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint thinner.


Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint is a one-pack product, which is suitable for application throughout the year. Pre-treatment of surfaces prior to painting is necessary. It dries by evaporation and can be applied at low temperatures (35˚ to 40˚F) without damage to the film, provided the surface is dry at the time of painting.

Drying Time

Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint dries in an hour and is recoatabale after 16 hours.


Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint covers 8 to 10 meter square per litre per coat.


Chlorinated Rubber Base Paint is available in 3.64 litre packs.