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Health & Safety

Special focus is placed at Berger on protection of the environment as well as health and safety of employees, customers and communities where it operates. The company utilizes all available resources to pursue its EHS objectives by striving to attain economic prosperity and ecological balance.
Berger manufacturing facility conforms to the international and national environmental standards where company is manufacturing environmental friendly products to minimize the potential effect on the people and the environment.
A clean and pollution-free environment is ensured at the company’s manufacturing facilities through a Solvent Recovery Plant that recycles used solvent, a Dust/Vapor extraction system and a Xylene recovery system. Safety training programs are organized on a regular basis for all personnel and factory workers and vendors to ensure safety of the work environment. Strict safety regulations for PPE’s (Personal Protection Equipments) and work procedures are enforced at every step.
In addition, safety officers conduct regular Safety Audits that identify and rectify any non-compliance and enforce proper maintenance of safety procedures with active cooperation of all employees.



At Berger, we consider PEOPLE as our most precious resource. This belief is gaining importance, leading to a more structured and focused approach in developing Human Resource as a competitive strength.
Our journey for excellence is amply supported by developing a learning organization with continuous capability building and skills enhancement.
This is supplemented by a wide range of employee engagement activities and programs which are in-place for morale boosting, motivation enhancement and inspiring commitment. Specific skills are being developed through training and coaching in required areas.
Across all layers in the organization, Berger is promoting a culture of acknowledging talent, nurturing potential and encouraging initiatives. We are maintaining an enabling environment with fairness and equal opportunity and freedom to perform and excel.
Our ambition for sustainable growth is to be materialized with the right kind of people possessing best skills and unmatched competencies coupled with unflinching commitment.