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Bridge Beautification

Berger Paints Pakistan Limited has always been a patron of art and beautification of cities in Pakistan.

In lieu of this and under the keen supervision of Berger’s esteemed former Director Marketing & Sales Mr. Khalid Mansoor took the initiative to select the bridge at the junction of Gulberg Main Boulevard and Jail Road known as the “Fountain Chowk” was carried out almost a year ago. This project of Bridge painting has been one of the most significant projects in the history of Berger Paints for which the Marketing Department went an extra mile to ensure its successful execution and implementation. The department switched from traditional way of marketing to a non-traditional way where it emphasized on giving support to a specific community of unknown artists/painters whose talent goes unnoticed by the public but deserve our deep appreciation and gratitude nevertheless. Furthermore, the beautification of the bridge was completed in 5 months by Berger Paints Marketing Department with the cooperation of LDA, PHA and City Traffic Police who helped us with the smooth and timely completion of the project. After the rigorous efforts made by the department, the proposal was officially approved at Punjab Chief Minister’s Office for onward execution.
The painter, Mr. Mohsin Raza, carried out this exercise of painting this prestigious project. Without any formal training or qualification Mohsin Raza developed this skill to perfection over years and started his career by painting film advertisement boards and commercial signage. Due to technological advancement, his work became less desired and digital printing started to be preferred. In this difficult time, Berger Paints Marketing Department fully selected and supported him by providing him with a platform to showcase his talent, through this mega project. With the cooperation of Marketing Department, Mohsin worked day and night towards the completion of this project. His hardwork and dedication to this projectis well reflected in the final result on display presently on the bridge itself. We at Berger Paint are grateful to Mr. Mohsin and his team for making this project a great success.

Bridge before beautification
Today The design of the project depicts the cordial relationship Pakistan, China and Turkey as the nations enjoy amongst themselves. The bridge is divided into three segments each representing the intricate artworks of respective cultures. The paintings comprise of famous monuments from these countries. The pillars of the bridge contain the flags and portraits of prominent personalities from these three countries. There is a portrait of Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, painted on one of the pillars recognizing his promise of Pak-Turk friendship. Also, the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam and the President of China, Xi Jinping, can be seen on the pillars as well. The roof of the bridge contains patterns of Turkish handicrafts, the Ajrak pattern representing Pakistan and Chinese traditional heritage patterns.The other design elements include, three monuments of national significance to these three nations, the lines emerging from the buildings form a knot, showing the strong ties between the three countries. The three monuments shown in the paintings are:

National Mosque of Pakistan
Monument to the People’s Heroes
Blue Mosque
This project of bridge painting has been liked and promoted by the general audiences a lot on social media and created a market buzz in both print and electronic media. Also, it has been shown in various documentaries. Its popularity was also recognized at Government level and a policy has been made regarding the beautification of flyovers and walls which will be free of cost. This has contributed in creating a positive word of mouth for the Berger Paints